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Who is Ramon?

"A creative and hardworking excited student"


A creative and hardworking excited student studying full-time. Besides that working as an Video artist and creative for a big record label. That’s me, Ramon Kagie and I currently live in Amstelveen, The Netherlands. A fairly big city below Amsterdam.

Jane Helf


Currently I'm studying Communication & Multimedia Design at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. This is my second year and the name of the education explains alot of itself, but I'll tell you some examples of what I learn there: Working as a team, doing research, managing projects, designing, scripting, prototyping and testing and lots more!

"I love diving"
Joshua Insanus


I really love Diving. That's one of my favorites hobby's. Fortunately, that's not the only one. Also one of my biggest passions is Music, I can listen to music for hours! Besides those two I like fitness, Photography, Videography, video-editing, travelling and hanging out with friends, of course.

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  • Ramon Kagie
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